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Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Zone J

Zone J Annual Meeting September 2006
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O.F.A.H. Zone J                               Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006

                                                Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club

29 members present 


Meeting called to order by Felix Barbetti, Chair at 9:10 a.m.


Welcome to all extended by Chair, Felix Barbetti.  Russ Piper is not feeling well and Doug Elliott has suffered a minor stroke.  Both are recuperating and we extend our best wishes to them.


Our gratitude is extended to Marilyn Troutechaud and Bill Feltis for inviting us to the Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club this weekend.  A Special Welcome to John Ford, President of O.F.A.H. and to his wife Valda.


Wilf Cassidy, Secretary/Treasurer lead the Conservation pledge.


My Canada Video was played and a Moment of silence was observed for our friends who are no longer with us.


Marilyn Troutechaud, president of Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club welcomed OFAH Zone J.


Everyone in attendance introduced himself or herself and the sign-in sheets were passed around.


Minutes of Zone J Quarterly meeting of April 2, 2006 read and moved by Secretary/Treasurer Wilf Cassidy.                                                                                               2nd Mike Mueller

Errors, Omissions, Corrections, Additions: none noted                                               Carried


Financial Report:

Written report read by Secretary/Treasurer Wilf Cassidy. (See attached)

Financial report moved by Secretary/Treasurer Wilf Cassidy  2nd Don McCuish         carried


Auditors Report dated March 24, 2006 was read.  Assurances were given that this past years financials are in order.  Wilf Cassidy moves to accept the Auditors Report.    

2nd Alf Marinelli          carried


Zone J Quarterly meeting will be held in January 2007 at the Oxford Fish and Game Protective Association.  We are still looking for a home for the April Quarterly meeting.  If your club would be willing to hold this meeting for us, it would be the first Sunday in April.  Please let one of your Zone Executive know.


Zone J 2007 Annual Meeting will be held at the Brant Rod & Gun Club.





Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Chair Report by Felix Barbetti

            Thank you to all who are in attendance today.

See attached written report for details

            Felix Barbetti moves his report                                                2nd Tony Jackson         carried


1st Vice Chair Report by Tony Jackson

            Please see attached written report.

            Tony Jackson moves his report.                                              2nd Wilf Cassidy          carried



10:15 am break for coffee.


Dan Elliot, MNR

Sunday Hunting – the best place to obtain the latest information on where, what and when you can hunt can be found at and as well as in the Hunting Regulations.  There are additional areas open/closed to hunting that can be found on the MNR website or by calling the MNR.

-          Sunday hunting is NOT allowed in municipalities that have no discharge on Sunday laws

-          All game that has an open season can be hunted EXCEPT Migratory birds in WMUs 73 to 95

-          The Sunday that is open is the Sunday following the weeks’ hunt, not the Sunday preceding it

-          Archery hunters cannot hunt on Sunday in a WMU, which has an open Sunday gun season in an area that prohibits archery during a gun season.  Archery is regulated by WMU not township regs.

-          Please put your municipality in touch with Dan Elliot, MNR – he will assist them in reaching the proper Wildlife Specialist

Ring Neck Pheasant:

            These birds were introduced to Southern Ontario in 1896 and listed as an Ontario game species in 1922.  Populations peaked from 1920 to 1940.  Pen reared pheasants rarely survive a winter – they are used mainly for “put and take”.  Ontario Outdoor writers proposed rehabilitation of Ring Neck Pheasant in 1997.  Ontario MNR concurred and discussions ensued.

            210 birds were translocated from Saskatchewan to Ontario from 2001 – 2004.  120 were released in Lambton County and 90 in Elgin County.  These two counties had no known ring necks for up to 10 years.

            These birds have been monitored since 2002 via radio telemetry, winter tracking, crowing call counts, mail cards, posters and public comments.  These birds have dispersed, bred and recruited offspring.  They have been doing reasonably well and over 190 have been seen.

            The success full translocation does not imply the establishment of a sustainable population.  OMNR and OFAH want to conduct population surveys in fall/early winter snow to identify fall/winter habitat ranges and spatial distribution.  The estimated budget for this survey is $25,000.  The OFAH has been asked for $20,000.

            The Hungarian Partridge was virtually wiped out in Eastern Ontario in the 1998 ice storm.  They depend on getting thru the snow to feed and the ice crust on the snow caused them problems.

            Bob White Quail population suffered greatly during the harsh winters in the 1970’s.  There are still some wild populations in some states.


Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Dan Elliot, MNR, continued


Springbank Dam:

City of London must monitor the situation for 5 years.

This year, white suckers, shorthead redhorse, largemouth bass and walleye were monitored.  The telemetry study showed a 90% passage.  The migration study showed the dam should close no earlier than June 15th.  The peak flow of larvae fish was from June 2n to June 6th.  A fish ladder only passes about 15% of the fish.


Ken Capling, Champion Moose Caller

Ken shared his passion for Moose with us.  He taught us specific moose calls, both bull and cow calls as well as shared his favorite hunting experiences.


Dave Brown, OFAH Fisheries Biologist

Dave has been with the OFAH seven years.  He attended a seminar in Lake Placid with 2500 professionals from all over North America.  Your OFAH is a unique North American organization due to the diversity of projects undertaken.


Invasive Species Program is a multifaceted public education and awareness program.


Research Unit does province wide research and enhancement projects focusing on practical management-oriented research.


Community Stream Steward Program assists in recruiting, training and enabling dedicated industry and community organizations to participate and take leadership in restoring the health of community streams, dedicated to cold water streams. To date, over 100 projects have been completed.


Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration has gained many corporate sponsors including Australian Banrock Station Wines who has dedicated $1.25 million over 5 years.

This a long-term partnership with the OFAH, MNR and many industry partners dedicated to improving habitat, stocking, assessing and providing public education about Atlantic salmon.


Community Fish & Wildlife Conservation Biologist Jeremy Holden is available to work with clubs to assist them by providing technical advice on their conservation projects.  Jeremy can be reached by email at


Get Outdoors is a youth conservation and leadership program with over 50 clubs province wide.


Ontario Angler Awards is a recognition program for anglers


Ontario Family Fishing Weekend is a license free fishing weekend to encourage families to get out and fish.


OFAH Tackle Share has over 125 sites across the province that loans out tackle.





Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Dave Brown, OFAH Fisheries Biologist, continued


Lake Erie has seen an increase in walleye populations with a huge 2003-year class – some say it’s the best in over 20 years.  Felix Barbetti, Russ Piper and Alf Marinelli represent the OFAH on many committees managing Lake Erie fisheries.  They have been instrumental in establishing net-free waters in the east and Long Point Bay areas as well as developing the East Basin Management Plan last year.  They are currently lobbying for a conservative approach to commercial fishing.


Fishing Regulation Streamlining by the MNR who calls it an “ecological framework”.  The new fishing regs would see 20 divisions instead of 37.  This is a centralization effort to large-scale management.  OFAH has been very vocal in protesting this new framework because the zones are too big, there is no vision or plan from the fisheries section and the decisions seem based on political reasons, not ecological reasons.


The OFAH position is that this regulation change should be delayed until it is completed properly.  It is not comprehensive enough and may hurt tourism.


Ringwood Hatchery is 110 acres of forest, meadow, wetlands and a 4-acre pond.  This is an excellent location for a youth education area.  The OFAH will be the proud operators of this hatchery anyday now.  A Draft MOU with MNR is ready for signing for a 5-year term that will see the OFAH lease the facility for $1.00 per year and the MNR commits to no further cuts to fish culture programs for 5 years.


M.O.E.E. Certificate of Approval has forced clubs to obtain a permit to discharge water from their hatcheries with permit costs exceeding $10,000.  The OFAH is currently trying to have these fees waived.


If you would like the OFAH to be aware of your club’s activities, please send a photo with the club’s name and contact information to Robert Pye at Head Office.  He can call you and conduct an interview over the telephone. 


Also, please let Head Office what is happening in your backyard.  Sometimes they don’t hear of all of the issues facing our clubs.


12:00 hours we break for Lunch.


1pm – bus leaves for a tour of Rondeau Park. 

Brian Patterson and President, Rick Turner of the Rondeau Bay Water Fowlers guided us thru the marsh.  The Rondeau Bay Water Fowlers have about 150 members who’s volunteer efforts maintain, improve and repair the waterfowl areas.  Some of the most interesting things we learned while touring the 7 km trail:

-          Over 160 wood ducks were banded this year. 

-          The observation platform at the end of the 400’ boardwalk looks out over one of the largest coastal wetlands in Southwestern Ontario

-          About 25 yrs ago, the MNR sprayed weeds and unfortunately, a lot more.  The bay was severely damaged.  Today, the fishing has rebounded somewhat but there are no Muskies

-          The MNR leaves the park vegetation very natural

Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


-          The park is a winter herding area for deer

-          At the end of trail is a Barrier Free Blind built by the volunteers of the Water Fowlers

-          Blinds are available for rent for a reasonable fee - $10 for members, $15 for non-members

-          Rondeau Bay Water Fowlers will take anyone out hunting waterfowl, just give them two weeks notice


The Rondeau Bay Water Fowlers keep track of the waterfowl taken during each hunting season.  Here is a brief summary of some of the species taken recently:


                                                            2002                2003                2004

            Canada Goose                         80                    164                  161

            Bufflehead                              35                    15                    16

            Ring Neck                                19                    16                    22

            Greater Scaup                          66                    27                    63

            Lesser Scaup                            41                    29                    61

            Wood Duck                             52                    76                    109

            Canvasback                             5                      5                      21

            Wigeon                                                152                  144                  264

            Blue Wing Teal                                    51                    36                    30

            Pintail                                      169                  217                  69

            Black                                       121                  104                  117

            Mallard                                                632                  575                  780


Joe, our bus driver, had us back to Kent Cloverleaf about the same time the Companions Program returned.  The Companions Program toured a Winery and the Underground Railroad Museums of North Buxton.


16:00 hours – meeting resumes


Report by 2nd Vice Chair Bruno Vanden Berghe

            Eight to ten shows a year are attended by Bruno to keep the Federation’s name and logo out there.  Bayfest in Port Rowan suffered bad weather.  Last week the Farm Show saw rain again but sales were $3,700 and three new memberships were obtained.

            Many thanks go to Don & Muriel Fairbairn and to Felix Barbetti for assisting set-up.

            The Plowing Match is in the Peterborough area this year.

            Bruno Vanden Berghe moves his report.        2nd Wilf Cassidy                      carried


Alternate Director Report by Len McPhailsee written report attached

            This report was written prior to the most recent Montreal shooting at Dawson College.  We hope Mr. Harper stays the course with abolishing the long gun registry.

Len McPhail moves his report                         2nd Bruno Vanden Berghe        carried







Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Fisheries Reports by Alf Marinelli - See written report attached

            The commercial Harvest of walleye this year is about 7.5 million pounds.  They are just under half of the quota at this date.

            This year class is again poor so this is 3 years in a row for a poor hatch.  Anglers feel that with the recent poor class years, the quotas should have been decreased.  Come next spring, they probably will see a decrease in quotas but it is probably too late.

Alf Marinelli moves his report             2nd Bill Feltis                            carried


Director in Training Report by Kathy Moore –see written report attached               

                                                                        2nd Wilf Cassidy                      carried


Nominations Committee – Alf Marinelli

            Anyone interested in running or nominating anyone for a position, please let Alf know.  The only qualification besides dedication is that you must be a member in good standing with the OFAH for one consecutive year.


Old Business: none


New Business: none


Wilf Cassidy moves to adjourn until tomorrow at 9am.                       2nd Bill Feltis                carried



O.F.A.H. Zone J                   Annual Meeting Continuation         Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


17 members present


Chair, Felix Barbetti called meeting to resume at 9:00 am.


Last evenings dinner speaker was John Ford, President of O.F.A.H.  Mr. Ford gave a wonderful presentation about the Atlantic salmon restoration project.


Mr. Ken Capling continued his Moose calling presentation.  We were certain we’d have a moose coming to visit.


The winner of the Moose call donated by Mr. Capling was Jackie Marinelli. 


Business Arising from yesterday’s Meeting: none


Chair Felix Barbetti declared the business of this Executive now closed.

He thanked his Executive for their hard work and dedication.  Mr. Barbetti stepped down and handed the floor over to Alf Marinelli, Nominations Committee.


Alf Marinelli read the Responsibilities of the Zone Executive to everyone and entertained questions.


Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for the Chair from the floor.

Felix Barbetti agreed to continue his position for another year.

2nd Call for nominations for the Chair position from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for the Chair.

Nominations are closed

Felix Barbetti is acclaimed as Chair.


Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for the 1st Vice position from the floor.

Tony Jackson agreed to continue his position for another year.

2nd Call for nominations for the 1st Vice position from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for the 1st Vice.

Nominations are closed

Tony Jackson is acclaimed as 1st Vice.


Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for the 2nd Vice position from the floor.

Bruno Vanden Berghe agreed to continue his position for another year.

2nd Call for nominations for the 2nd Vice position from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for the 2nd Vice.

Nominations are closed

Bruno Vanden Berghe is acclaimed as 2nd Vice.


Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer from the floor.

Kathy Moore agreed to run for this position.

2nd Call for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer.

Nominations are closed

Kathy Moore is acclaimed as Secretary/Treasurer


Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for the Alternate Director position from the floor.

Len McPhail agreed to continue his position for another year.

2nd Call for nominations for the Alternate Director position from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for the Alternate Director.

Nominations are closed

Len McPhail is acclaimed as Alternate Director.


Louis Barnai and Doug Elliot have both agreed to run for the position of Auditors.

Alf Marinelli called for Nominations for the Auditor position from the floor.

2nd Call for nominations for the Auditor position from the floor.

3rd and final call for nominations for the Auditors.

Nominations are closed

Louis Barnai and Doug Elliot are acclaimed as Auditors.


The floor is turned over to returning Chair, Felix Barbetti.

Immediate Past Chairs are Alf Marinelli and Wilf Cassidy.


Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Annual Meeting                     Sept. 16 & 17, 2006


Felix Barbetti extends a Thank you to all members.  Please keep in touch with your Executive. 


Bill Feltis of the Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club presented the Zone with the proceeds from the raffle draw - $250.00


The Crossbow Draw had 23 qualifying entrants.  The winner is Bob Burns of the Windsor Sportsman Club.


Motion to adjourn by Don McCuish at 9:30am.                     2nd Ed Anson              carried


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