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O.F.A.H. Zone J                    Quarterly Meeting Summary            Jan. 7, 2007

                         Hosted by: Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association


38 members present


Stan Gibbs, president of Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association (WOFGPA) welcomed the OFAH.


Doug Elliott received a round of applause in appreciation of his long-standing OFAH membership. 

Chair Report by Felix Barbetti

            Membership in the Zone is dropping from a high of 23,000

            Last year’s Cross Bow incentive brought in new faces and increased meeting attendance

            Increasing traffic accidents with wildlife specifically moose and deer

            Agricultural Liaison Committee has been formed to assist with settling the issue of land-use fees – see the OFAH HO Website for info on matching farmers with nuisance wildlife to hunters willing to assist

            The wet fall may impact wildlife due to elevated levels of toxins and fungus

            MNR still lacks adequate funding

            Municipal small game licenses will be discussed later today – some see it as useful, others see it as unnecessary

            Bruno and Yolanda Vanden Berghe continue to fly the OFAH flag at most outdoors and agricultural events around the Zone.

            Len McPhail manages the Zone J website

Grand River Conservation Authority update:  Every municipality that partners with the watershed can send a representative – most choose to send a political leader so it ends up to be mostly politicians.  This is a common trend.  Non-political appointments are decreasing.             


Big Game Report by 1st Vice Chair Tony Jackson

            Deer poaching needs to be reported.  Any incident that seems wrong should be reported to MNR TIPS line or Crime Stoppers.  Both are anonymous.

            Trespassing is still a problem – some people just don’t get it

            Myotoxins (from fungii) are prevalent in corn crops in SW Ontario – deer tend to have a diverse diet so it will probably not impact them.  Mills have rejected tons of corn this year.  Swine and poultry can’t eat it and we don’t know where it’s going.  Possibly into Wild Deer Feed.  If you do purchase Wild Deer Feed, buy a high quality feed.

            We need eyes and ears everywhere – Outdoor Canada ran an ad for Humane Society of US.  This was very embarrassing to the magazine.

            Most animal rights groups have mega funding to assist their massive movement to stop all angling and hunting       


Alternate Director Report by Len McPhail

            Tell your MP’s that you don’t like Resolution 42 of the Liberal Platform wanting to ban semi-automatic firearms

            Trespassing is an issue with Sunday Hunting

Secretary/Treasurer reminds everyone to: sell his or her Lottery tickets.

Updates on OFAH Annual Wildlife Conference March 14 to 17, 2007

Updates on OFAH Zone J Annual meeting September 15, 2007 at the Brant Rod & Gun Club

Copies of Zone J Winter Newsletter are available to anyone who hasn’t received one.


Chair Felix Barbetti welcomed guest speaker Dave Reid, Norfolk Stewardship Council biologist.

Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS) is fundraising to launch their pilot and are seeking $10,000 in funding from OFAH Head Office Fish and Wildlife Fund.  Zone J has committed $2,000 from the Zone J Fish and Wildlife Fund. 

This idea of Alternate Land Use is rather new in Canada – also called Environmental Services

-          provides incentives to landowners to create/improve ecological goods and services

-          this is the only pilot project in Ontario even though it is a nationwide program

-          Norfolk County sees this as a grassroots originated program – water fowlers, anglers, hunters, farmers, etc,

-          The pilot proposal of a 9 year program with budget of $5.7 million did not fly with the government so they’ve revamped the pilot program to 2 years at $1.9 million

-          Currently waiting funding from Government coffers for $680,000 and Trillium foundation for $380,000.  This leaves $40,000 from Conservation groups.  So far committed: NWTF Ontario Chapter $10,000

         NWTF Central              $5,000

         OFAH Zone J               $2,000

Possible funding to come from:

         NWTF Ontario Superfund $10,000

         OFAH HO F&W          $10,000


Chair Felix Barbetti welcomed guest speaker Jeff Brick, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Thames River has 94 species of fish including 13 Species at Risk

Fisheries Management Plan: to provide current watershed based direction for management

                                                To gather info from stakeholders

                                                To co-ordinate activities of various stakeholder

The current Draft Plan will be ready this Spring with a 2nd round of public input probably Fall 2007

Potential Benefits – guide community efforts

                                    Enhance and protect fisheries

                                    Raise the profile of the river

                                    Promote river and fisheries for recreation and tourism

The press and rumours say that property owned by Conservation Authorities are being sold.  The TRCA owns 6500 ha around large reservoirs – right now TRCA is not selling and land

One farm parcel of 130 acres near Pittock was sold to Oxford County to relocate a golf course from the Toyota land area.  TRCA was told to sell this

The Memorial Forest at the east end of the reservoir is being annexed into City of Woodstock.  The Board is asking this Forest be left and not changed to light industrial use.


Chair Felix Barbetti welcomed guest speakers Pud Hunter and Holly Simpson of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Pud and Doug Elliott gave us a historical account of Municipal licenses.  Tony Jackson explained how these licenses work in Perth County.

The status quo is not satisfactory.  Pheasant municipal licensing seems supported but not rabbits


Property posted as “No Hunting” can be hunted with owner permission.


Fisheries Report by Past Chair Alf Marinelli

            OFAH Biologist Jeremy Holden is holding workshops for Walleye hatcheries.  Tentative schedule is March 10th in Sudbury and March 24th in Cloyne, ON


Cedar Creek Provincial Park in the Essex area is seeking comments on becoming a nature reserve.  This will reduce the number of uses

Holly Simpson says the area is rather land locked and offers many Carolinian species.  There are access concerns as farms and private land surround it.  The ERB (Environmental Bill of Rights) is posted on the Internet.  Members are asked to respond.  There are concerns because the Essex Conservation Authority manages this area and they are known to decrease hunting opportunities


The initial allocation of walleye and perch – Commercial harvesters are asking for increases in the numbers

Lake Eire manager is tentatively setting an increase of 50% in the Central basin (#3) -  #2 will see an increase of 16%.

They are relying almost 100% on the 2003-year class.  2004 thru 2006 have seen poor spawning so there is no follow-up to this 2003-year class.  We need to decrease the numbers of 2003-year class being taken – we must leave them to spawn

Perch are strong – seem to be leveling off

No Ice Fishing report


Small Game Report by Wilf Cassidy

Wilf reports that Pelee Island Wild Turkey bird count at Christmas counted 35 wild turkeys – wild turkeys have not been seen there in 100 years


Seasoning Shot – someone has developed shot shells containing spices instead of lead/steel shot.  Remington and Federal are looking at the viability of such an item.  Seems successful on quail and grouse.  Season your bird when you shoot it!!


The first Wild Turkey Seminar will be held February 24 & 25th at Brant Rod & Gun Club 


Youth Campout will be held at the Port Colbourne and District club on June 2 & 3 this year


Don Fairbairn moves that the Zone J membership support donating $10,000 to ALUS and to make a favorable recommendation to OFAH HO Provincial Fish and Wildlife Fund.

                                                                                    2nd Doug Elliot                           carried


The WOFGPA presented Zone J Chair Felix Barbetti with $125.00 raised on the draws.


Please Note:  The Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association has offered to host the first Zone J Quarterly meeting of 2008 on Sunday, January 5th, 2008.


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