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O.F.A.H. Zone J                               Quarterly Meeting                             April 1, 2007

Southwest Outdoors Club


65 members present


Meeting called to order by Felix Barbetti, Chair at 9 a.m.


Wilf Cassidy, Past Chair leads the pledge.


Moment of silence observed for our fallen friends.


Dale Pickle, Vice President of Southwest Outdoors Club welcomed the OFAH and all in attendance


Rick Mosse, Mayor of Pelee Island was introduced and briefly outlined some of the excellent hunting opportunities available on Pelee Island.


Everyone in attendance introduced himself or herself. 

Sign In sheets were passed around.


Minutes of Zone J Quarterly meeting of January 7, 2007 were moved by Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Moore.                                                                                                2nd Bruce Chambers


Errors, Omissions, Corrections, Additions: none noted                                    Carried


Chair Report by Felix Barbetti

            Overviewed highlights of written report:

Membership has increased slightly

Tony and Len are continuing with waving the OFAH banner at area gun shows

Hamilton Anglers and Hunter Association has pledged $3,500 to support Youth Hunter apprenticeship programs

Zone J Annual meeting will be one day, September 15th at the Brant Rod & Gun Club

Agricultural Liaison Committee lead by Jim Magee seems to be having a positive effect in working with several club reps from this sector

Sunday Hunting is still a work in progress

Fisheries management involvement at the Lake Erie Program table has resulted in positive gains for angling

Our continued representation at the Thames River Fisheries Management planning table is working towards a plan review and another round of public meetings

Lake Ontario has shifted to OFAH salmonid initiatives

Ed Reid and the Small Game Advisory Committee are investigating the municipal small game license system

Bruno and Yolande Vanden Berghe are continuing their hard work attending key outdoor events and shows


Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Quarterly Meeting                             April 1, 2007


A few of the activities Zone J has been supporting:  an Essex area high school’s aquaculture project, ALSU initiative in Norfolk, wetland enhancement, waterfowl research and hunting displays at Long Point, traveling teacher in London area, fisheries research in Thames River Springbank Dam Project, Tequanyah dam removal and site restoration, Sally’s Creek site management

            Felix Barbetti moves his report                                                            2nd Don Fairbairn



Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Moore read the Financial Report and moved it      .           2nd Ed Anson


Big Game Report by 1st Vice Chair Tony Jackson

            Highlights of written report:

Deer Poaching – any questionable activity should be reported to the MNR Tips 1-877-847-7667

2006 hunter harvests are still being calculated but initial reports show it was very successful

Trespassing is one of the biggest obstacles to compromise successful wildlife management and hunter success.  Ask Permission, Honor Permission and Encourage Permission.

Elk herd overall seems to have shown positive gains

Moose tag allocation for 2007 hasn’t been determined yet

Bear problems continued to persist throughout the province this year.  Your OFAH will continue to lobby and bring a sensible resolve to this issue

Tony Jackson moved his report                                   2nd Dan Simpson              Carried

2nd Vice Report by Bruno Vanden Berghe – No Report


Alternate Director Report by Len McPhail

            Highlights of written report:

Amnesty for some Long0-Gun owners continues but expires in May 2007

Government funding to the CFC has been reduced.  Some firearms owners were surprised to receive a cheques from the government from renewing their licenses.

A renewed Firearms Advisory committee has been formed comprising of OFAH representatives, prominent shorts and industry leaders. This committee has a great opportunity to have a significant input to the Minster of Public Safety and the Federal Justice Department.

Youth and females are a growing segment of the Hunter Education classes.  New instructors are now trained and beginning to come on stream

Haldimand is again looking at the Sunday Hunting issue.  Half of the WMU it is in supports Sunday hunting and half doesn’t.  Stay tuned for more information soon.

            Len McPhail moves his report.                                                            2nd Ed Anson   Carried


Fisheries Report by Past Chair Alf Marinelli

            Written report read by Felix Barbetti

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) has caused panic and uncertainty within the MNR.  As of today, MNR has taken the Status Quo route but is watching the situation carefully

When fishing, do not dump your live bait into the water.  Dispose of it away from any watercourse.  Live bait transportation from within the VHS Danger Zone is not permitted





Continued O.F.A.H. Zone J            Quarterly Meeting                             April 1, 2007


Fisheries Report Continued

Lake Erie Committee of the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission has set the 2007 TAC (Total Allowable Catch) 

Walleye TAC for 2006 was 9.889 million fish

Walleye TAC for 2007 is     2.321 million fish

Perch TAC for 2006 was 16.48 million pounds

Perch TAC for 2007 is      5.585 million pounds

As of today, the Fishing Regulation changes that were to take effect January 1, 2007 are still in limbo.  Until further is heard from the MNR, the Fishing Regs for 2005/2006 still apply.

Felix Barbetti moves this report                                                           2nd Dale Pickle                                                                                                                         Carried


South East Leamington Study Area

            This involves 2300 acres from Hillman Marsh to Point Pelee to Wheatley Harbour

            316 homes affected and is a very emotional issue because of the unknown future

            Whether hunting/access will be allowed depends on who purchases this area – the government? Ducks Unlimited? Nature Conservatory? Will it become a National park?

            O.F.A.H. has been involved with this issue thru our local members – we need to be kept up to date and involved


15 minute break to set up presentation


Dr. Ken Abrahams – MNR Waterfowl Biologist, Peterborough, Ontario has been studying how climate change affects migration routes and areas focusing on the Hudson Bay lowlands

            - Cackling Geese is the new name for the small bodied Canada goose


Irena KnezevicYork University

            Irena discussed how our Culture is transitioning and seems to base animal rights on Human rights and have lost the perspective that animals are a species and that in the long run, hunting plays an important role in species survival.  Irena also suggests that we should consider our choices - some of the products we consume and the energy used to produce them.


Ted Barney – Long Point Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Fund

            Ted has been working with Dr Scott Petrie studying the staging ecology, wintering ecology and habitats of waterfowl in the lower Great Lakes among many other things.  Also have graduate and undergraduate programs and are looking at beginning youth wildlife biologist workshops for youths aged 12 – 16.


Break for 1 hour for Lunch


Old Business: none noted


New Business:

Southwest Outdoors Club is looking for assistance from OFAH Zone J for their Youth Hunt scheduled for the 2ns Saturday of the season tentatively set for Hillman Marsh


Youth Campout will be held at the Port Colbourne and District club on June 1, 2 & 3 this year


The Southwest Outdoors Club presented Zone J Chair Felix Barbetti with $339.00 raised on the draws.  OFAH Zone J donated $339.00 to the Southwest Outdoors Club for their youth program.


Don Fairbairn moves to adjourn.                                             2nd Dean Ware             carried


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