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OFAH Zone J Supports Youth Pheasant Hunts
 Youth pheasant hunts were recently held at Hullet Marsh and Fingal Conservation Area. Numerous partners sponsored and participated in the event for apprentice hunters this fall In total, approximately 60 apprentice hunters, with mentors, participated in each event. The days were split up into 2 sessions, a morning and afternoon session.  A complimentary lunch and demonstrations were provided.  Participating apprentice hunters received;
  • Trap shoot and range safety
  • Orientation to the day,
  • A presentation from a Conservation Officer,
  • A firearm safety refresher,
  • Trap shoot on the day of the event,
  • A high quality pheasant hunt with expertly trained dogs,
  • proper field dressing, transporting and cooking tutorials,
  • A lunch and dog demonstration

The events were held to

  • reinforce the safety and ethics of hunting,
  • introduce youth to a unique and rewarding experience,
  • nourish a passion for traditional outdoor recreation,
  • support the development of inexperienced hunters and their involvement in the Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program.
  • Participants are licensed Apprentice Hunters. For more on the Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program please visit the Ontario Hunter Education Program website at www.ohep.net.

Both events were sponsered and attended by Zone J executive Tony Jackson and Brian Moore.

If your club is interested in hosting a Youth pheasat hunt Please contact Brian Moore for more information brianmoore@live.ca  519-919-1520

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