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Hullet Marsh
As I sat in the doctors office noticing more aches and pains than usual and the drab rainy day that was upon us , I decided to check Hullet wildlife management area. I really needed to get outdoors as I have been cooped up in a drab basement office for what seems like eons. After xrays and playing with the funny paper gown that is totally useless I headed home and loaded up my oldest dog along with my Ruger and set off in the driving rain. The two hour drive was a pleasure and I arrvied at the office around 1Pm. I have never hunted in this areas so after talking with some friendly staff, reviewing the lay of the land, off we went. I found plenty of room in the B section which was opened to everything including big game. Jack trembled like a nervous bride at the alter as I let him loose and we went into the grass lands. Walking was good but around the ponds the thickets were imense and held woodcock. Jack flushed two but these just blasted behind trees and not a shot was taken. Ohh well at least he had fun! As we meandered on Jack started tracking a runner and we were in full stride chasing this wiley cock pheasant across the field Another missed opportunity as he flushed around the corner of some pines and again Jack looked at me in total disgust. We headed for home and after a few hours in the uplands my spirit was in a much better frame.
The Friend of Hullet operate on a volunteer basis and during the pheasant season raise and release approximately 1700 birds . A good dog is a must and new this year is a Pheasant challenge where specific banded birds can win the hunter some prizes that have been donated by local merchants. If ever you get the chance check out this hunting meca as it is well worth the drive.